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At Vilsa Development, We believe in long term relationship with you and offering different partnership models for different groups and individuals. We know that you are looking for people or Company who can understand your problems completely and responsibly create intelligent IT solutions. Whether it is your customers, your suppliers, your partners or your employees, we understand that your aim is to make life simpler for each one of them and we need to enable you do so.

Offshore Development Partner/ White label Services: We are welcoming partnership and offering white label services with IT Software solution or Web Development Company. With our quality services, you can reduce your operational cost up to 60%. At Vilsa Development, we have multiple technology experience and you can utilize our expertise. We could be your backend development partners and deliver great results that you have promised.

Domain Partner: We are welcoming partnership with independent business consultant and Domain expert. We can help you with our expertise and a wide range of services we have. You explore customer base and generate more leads. We will provide you the complete support on software phases like requirements gathering and analysis, feasibility study and effort size estimation.


Vilsa Development offers you the best for your requirements and believes in synchronizing your business with latest IT solutions that will cater a fruitful outcome.


Vilsa Development offers you the best for your requirements and believes in synchronizing your business with latest IT solutions that will cater a fruitful outcome.


You should review each of these items listed in an open and honest way with your partner before you commit to the blogging partnership.

Complementary Skills

If the both of you are great web designers and terrible writers, you might have a bit of a problem moving forward. Too much of the same skills and you lose some of the benefits of a partnership. Now, the skills don’t need to be as diverse as web design and writing but you want to bring in a partner that will complement you and help you in areas you may be weak. If your promotion skills need help, bring in someone that can be strong where you need the most support. That is how the best partnerships are formed.

Good Communication

Failure to communicate ends relationships and partnerships. With today’s technology, there is no excuse for not keeping your partner up to date. Let them know when posts are done or if you are doing some external promotion. Keeping open lines of communication is paramount.

Work Habits

Do you ever feel like you’re doing more than the other person? This can quickly cause tension in any partnership. It isn’t necessary to work the same hours, but you need to feel as if there is a fair division of labor.

Planned Exit Strategy

Inevitably, partnerships do go bad. Having an exit strategy in that event is almost necessary. Does the partner get anything? Are they required to return anything? What happens to old content? All these sorts of questions and scenarios should be agreed upon in advance, so there is no doubt what happens later.

Strong Execution

You can have the actions you and your partner need to take but if you’re not taking them, there lies a serious problem. The ability to execute with conviction is a necessary trait in a good partnership.

Written Partnership Agreement

It doesn’t have to be a legally binding, 100-page document. Simply have something that says you agree to operate a certain way, by certain guidelines. This gives you something to refer to if you ever need to and can keep the partnership from devolving into an ugly relationship.

Decision Process

There should be a clear decision process on any decision that impacts the blog. How you promote yourself, how you respond to others, the type of content you post, external offers there should be a clear decision process with a check and balance thrown in to keep everyone happy.


Things can change in a hurry. Is your partner willing to roll with the punches when necessary? Or are they hard headed and only willing to do it their way, as they see it? The early stages of blogging can be rough with many changes necessary in a short time and having someone unwilling to change with the tide can hurt the partnership and the blog.

Shared Goals

Where are you taking this blog? If you and your partner have different ideas, this isn’t a good match. It’s like a couple where one wants to get married and have kids and the other doesn’t. Make sure you have a shared sense of priority. To take this one step further, discuss what happens if goals require adjustments along the way.

Absolute Trust

Of course, this is the most important! Without trust, absolute disaster is sure to ensue.You don’t want to be asking “did my partner write her post?” or “will he properly edit his post?” “is my partner only looking out for themselves?” You should know without a doubt that your partner will stick to any agreed upon plan in advance so you can focus on your activities and not whether or not your partner will do theirs.


Vilsa have a team of seasoned developers who can take any platform project website development, we have highly experienced developers which reduces a considerable amount of time Investment. Hire our developers, not just for one reason, but for several of them!