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Why Yii framework development

  • Efficient internalization
  • Super scripting
  • Easy URL configuration in SEO-friendly manner
  • Efficient caching strategy
  • Efficient module development
  • Efficient application configuration
  • Easy extension development
  • Scalable Yii framework based products
  • Yii means Yes it is! A perfect choice for any sized project. Any questions one may have in terms of performance, security, quality, technology or scalability are all answered with this awesome Yii framework compatible with PHP 5.4 and above. Yii is a full-stack framework that provides multiple turnkey solutions: a query builder, ActiveRecord for relative and NoSQL databases, RESTful API, multi-level caching support and many other things.

    Building a fairly simple website or a highly complex website application is made easy with Yii Framework, as it offers efficient resources, detailed documentation to create extremely efficient and extensible end product.

    What is Yii?

    It's a short acronym for the phrase"Yes it is"!

    Going as per its name, the name itself addresses and solves the most common issues amongst today's users. Is it fast? Or is it responsive and secure? Will it work? Yeah, as the name says- yes it will..!!

    Yii is an open Source PHP framework which has been developed in component based MVC architecture and uses object oriented programming paradigm at the same time. Since the year it got released, Yii framework development has paced to give users what previous PHP frameworks lacked.

    Many companies in the market are now providing Yii development services around the world but only a few are successful in their approach. Working its way out Enuke has been working for Yii development in India and delivering its customers what they want and always stands up to their expectations.


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